“Libby Maxey is the best editor I know. Full stop. Not only is her input brilliant, but she has an uncanny ability to give the help you both need and want, from minor tweaks to major miracles. Plus, she is a joy to work with.”

—Linda McCullough Moore, author of An Episode of Grace

 “I was new to writing fiction and very uncertain about the entire process. Libby knew what I was trying to say better than I did. She gave me the focus and insight I needed to finish my story and sell it for publication.”

—Will Jones, runner-up for Ruminate Magazine’s 2015 Van Dyke Short Story Prize

“I’ve worked with Libby as co-editor for nearly three years. She hones in on an essay’s strengths and weaknesses on first reading and immediately sees a clear path toward bringing out the best in each piece of work. She has tireless patience for helping writers develop a well-crafted, clear, concise, and engaging essay. Libby is also organized in her management, prompt in her delivery, and clear in her communication. If I were not also a starving artist, I would hire her to edit all my writing prior to submission.”

—Andrea Lani, editor at Literary Mama

“It was a joy working with Libby on my historical novel. Her discerning perspective on language, style and narrative structure encouraged me to make changes that contributed substantially to the success of the project. I am most grateful for her warm interest, ready accessibility and respectful guidance.”

—Jillian Hensley, author of In This Strange Soil

“Libby’s feedback on my work was clear and illuminating. She helped me improve the weaknesses without ever being pushy or demanding; in fact, it was a joy to get her notes and implement the changes. It’s a gift to have a sharp eye and a gentle way—she has both. I highly recommend her!”

—Billie Hinton, author of Signs That Might Be Omens 

“Libby Maxey is not only efficient and prompt; she respects the writer and the work and offers thoughtful, precise suggestions for improvement. I was very pleased with the final version of my essay after working with Libby. She is straightforward yet warm and responsive—a perfect combination of qualities. I have worked with many editors and Libby is simply the best!”

—Kelli Zaytoun, associate professor and director of graduate studies,
Department of English at Wright State University

“In working with Libby, I found her astute, thorough and encouraging. I particularly valued her ability to assist me in telling the story I wanted to tell while improving my writing. I hadn’t met Libby before hiring her, but it was easy to communicate with her about what I needed. I can wholeheartedly give her my highest recommendation.”

—Rosie McMahan, EdM/ACS

“I was happy to work with Libby in preparing an essay for Literary Mama. She read my work carefully and respected my point of view, while helping me find an angle that would engage her readers. She accompanied me all the way through the process, and made me feel that my work mattered.”

—Cheryl Anne Latuner, author of Baby at my Breast: Reflections of a Nursing Mother

“Libby Maxey, above all else, championed my work. I’d written an essay for Literary Mama that wasn’t right for her department, but she liked it and suggested I revise it. Several months went by because of personal circumstances. I wasn’t writing at all, but Libby persisted—a reminder not to give up, even if I was in the middle of a crisis. I finally did revise the piece with her excellent editorial guidance. Every step of the way, I felt she was fighting for my original intent and vision. She was a kind, professional, clear editor, and I’d work with her again.”

—Dawn Haines, winner of the 2012 Solstice Creative Nonfiction Prize